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A new life for your furniture / carpet / upholstery with Carpet Cleaning Uxbridge


If you think that is time to refresh the carpets in you premises, you have clicked on the correct website. We are specializing in the professional steam cleaning of rugs,carpets and multiple types of upholstery.

No more spots, spillages, dirty marks on your favourite surfaces. No more hassle and stress from making attempts to take out these stains.  Bringing the comfort and cosiness to your home is what we have dedicated ourselves to.

WUxbridge Carpet Cleaninge have served the Hillingdon area for a few years now and our company has always been using special equipment and detergents to keep our expansive customer base satisfied. We are precise and strictly selective in the products that we are using. One of the most important facts about carpet cleaning is that in order for the best results to be achieved the job must be performed from an experienced person. This is why we are training our staff at the beginning of their commitment with us and once in a while we are refreshing and updating their knowledge with new techniques and methods.

As with every other cleaning job there are a few steps to follow up for the steaming process . Our scheme of purifying is with what is known in the industry as a hot water extraction machine. These machines can be used for other specialised services as:

  • Sofa & Upholstery Cleaning
  • Curtain Cleaning
  • Rug Cleaning
  • Mattress Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Uxbridge offers a lot more!

We may specialise in carpet and upholstery cleaning, but we can also offer other services as:

  • End of Tenancy/ Pre-tenancy Cleaning
  • After Builders/Renovation Cleaning
  • Regular/ Domestic Cleaning
  • Oven Cleaning

Give us a call on 020 8077 2303 and see what we can help you with. We also offer special discounts for combining services. For example if you book a carpet cleaning with an End or Pre-Tenancy service, you’ll get a 50% discount on the steam carpet cleaning service.

Why we are the best on the market in the Southall area ?

1) All of our technicians are trained and professional

2) Our products are eco friendly and non-toxic

3) You can book an appointment today for today

4) Our machine leaves no soap residue

5) No wet smell; the equipment extracts 95% of the moisture

6) No change in the price if weekend request


Uxbridge Carpet CleaningAnd of course our main focus is for our clients to be satisfied. Our purpose is to help you to organise a beautiful and healthy environment for you and your family. Therefore our professional technicians are qualified to help you with the information you need and with advising you if anything further is required to enhance the life of your carpet.

If we have already earned your trust and you would like to receive some more knowledges about us and about our services, just go to our contact us page and we will answer your requests.

More detailed information about our services

Carpet Cleaning РWe all know that keeping the carpets clean and in good condition can be mission impossible. Our technicians are now equipped with the most powerful machines on the market to fight with all the dirt, dust built in the rug and all kind of spillage.

Sofa & Upholstery РWe offer steam cleaning of sofas, armchairs, stools, dining chairs on site. This is the most preferable method of cleaning for heavily soiled fabrics and to remove the stains that are deeply penetrate the fiber of the sofas. We are here to give the life of your upholstery back. Contact us and learn more.

Curtain¬†– Even if good quality, sometimes our favourite curtains are losing their beauty. Synthetic fabrics can also change their colour from the sun. You don’t need to take them down, our representative will clean them while hanging. The only thing you need to do is to contact us.

Mattress Р We are here to help you! Give us a call and we will directly organise an appointment to get your mattress clean, so you can sleep in nice and healthy environment. Get in touch with us and you will receive your free quote.


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